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The Œuvre Notre-Dame Museum

Date de publication : 1999
Located at the Cathedral's doorstep, the museum proposes a walk through seven centuries of art in Strasbourg and the Upper Rhine region. Its rich medieval and Renaissance collections document the city's prestigious past as one of the most important artistic centers in the Germanic Empire from the 13th-16th century. Statuary Masterpieces from the Cathedral brush shoulders with the most beautiful specimens of Upper Rhine art from the 15th -16th centuries. The collection, a synthesis of all the arts, is in perfect harmony with the museum's architectural framework: behind the venerable gables of the house of Notre Dame, appointed to administer the cathedral's building site since the 13th century, interior design, cool courtyards and charming Gothic garden lend a feeling of intimacy to Strasbourg's past.
Cécile Dupeux
96 pages
130 illustrations
15 €
ISBN : 9782351250433
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