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Workshop Tours



One simple number: 03 88 88 50 50 - Monday-Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm - Reservations for the Zoological Museum: 03 90 24 04 83


Guided tours for groups in English and other languages (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, ...) :

All arts contribute to the greatest art of all, the art of living.
Bertolt Brecht, On theater


Cultivating desire, stimulating curiosity, taking a privileged moment to discover... museums are places to see and learn differently.

Faced with the richness of their collections and the variety of their temporary exhibitions, the Museums of Strasbourg offer cultural activities and educative programs that create opportunities for exchange and personal enrichment.

All visitors are invited to participate in educative and cultural programs whose objective is to stimulate the relationship between art and the public, connecting art and the city and binding culture to the population.

Our activity programs coordinate visits and public events, from guided tours to readings, to family tours and workshops ....

Educational Programs designed for groups (schools, leisure facilities, job training and insertion organisms, structures devoted to the handicapped) offer different types of thematic visits accompanied by cultural mediators and aids for autonomous visits.

Files and descriptive cards for group organizers can be downloaded

Reservations are required for all group visits and are available through the Museums' educative services.