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November 24 - December 24

Closing Days

December 25 and January 1st

Villa Greiner/ 2, avenue de la Marseillaise/ Tel. 03 68 98 51 53 / fax 03 69 06 37 28
Museum Hours
This museum is accessible to visitors of limited mobility.

Located in the Villa Greiner. Here we find an important collection of 11,000 drawings that draftsman and illustrator Tomi Ungrer, born in 1931, donated to his native city of Strasbourg. The work is on view on a rotating basis in a thematic itinerary of nearly 300 originals including drawings for children's books, satirical and advertising drawings and erotica. A selection of the artist's graphic work shown in context alongside illustrations from the 20th and 21st centuries is also on exhibit.