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The Rohan Palace


Strasbourg's Rohan Palace, constructed between 1732 and 1742 after blueprints by Robert de Cotte, First Architect to the King, for Cardinal Armand-Gaston de Rohan-Soubise, Prince-Bishop of Strasbourg was modeled after Paris' grand mansions. This Episcopal Palace is one of the most beautiful creations of French 18th century architecture byway of the classic, noble height of its facades and its sumptuous interior decors. Built, decorated and furnished in the span of ten years time, the dwelling is graced with an exceptional unity.

Following the Revolution, the palace became the Emperor's royal residence and consecutively entered a new era, after 1870, as a museum.

Since then it has housed the Archeological Museum (basement), the Museum of Decorative Arts (ground floor) and the Fine Arts Museum (first floor).