Musées de Strasbourg
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The network of the Museums of Strasbourg, under one common direction, is devoted to promoting the architectural heritage and collections in each of its establishments. The Museums of Strasbourg offer a programming of eclectic and dynamic temporary exhibitions.

With fifteen titles per year, the Museums of Strasbourg publishing house seeks to broaden the discovery of artistic, scientific, historical and documentary riches (guide of the museums' collections, Fine Art Books on Cultural Heritage) radiating from its cultural heritage with a goal of publishing exhibition catalogs tackling the arts and art history from a historical, critical and iconographical perspective.

Through beautiful illustrations and scientific expertise from the most renowned specialists each publication provides the most exacting criteria possible.

To date, one hundred publications have emerged, co-published along with the museums, the larger cultural institutions and private publishers in France and abroad.

Diffusion in France and abroad is operated by Seuil Export.

Distribution of works falls under the authority of Volumen (La Martinière-le Seuil).

The majority of the works published by the Museums of Strasbourg are uniquely available in French.

There are some are exceptions however with works available in English or German. Please ask for more information.

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