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Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art | 1, place Hans Jean Arp: +33 (0)3 68 98 74 38
Operating hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm-6pm, excluding July and August: Tuesday to Friday, 2pm-6pm.
Closed between Christmas and New Year's Eve and during Easter's week-end.

Accessible to visitors of limited mobility. | Free admittance, no inscription required.

Catalog Access

Today's library, created in 1877, possesses the most complete Art Library collections of the provinces. Over 130,000 volumes are on reserve, covering nearly every domain in the History of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the contemporary (Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, photography, esthetic arts and folk tradition, Alsatian art, museology, etc.); over 30,000 artist monographs, 40,000 temporary exhibit catalogs, 10,000 museum collection catalogs, 4,000 Decorative Art plates, 700 old and rare art magazines, 200 magazine subscriptions to current art reviews, 1,200 audio-visual documents, several thousand sale catalogs, etc.

In the domain of cultural heritage, particular mention goes to influential art magazines from the early 20th century (Pan, Ver Sacrum, Simplicissimus, Jugend, the Studio, Zeitschirft fur Bildende Kunst, the Savoy, Dada, etc. ) the Gustave Doré collection (nearly every first edition) and the Tomi Ungerer collection (works treating toys, donated by the artist).

A study and reserve library (responsible for collecting documentation necessary for scientific work and the organization of exhibitions for Strasbourg's 9 museums of Art and History), it is nevertheless open to the public (no inscription required), offering an agreeable reading room where 5,000 works of reference (dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, main book series, etc.) are free of access, in addition to approximately sixty magazines and catalogs of recent European sales, Christie's, Drouot and Sotheby's.

Several computer terminals allow consultation of CDs, video cassettes and DVDs ; two terminals are devoted to Internet (inscription required) and the database "Video museum", an inventory of the national collections on Modern and contemporary art. The Library also regularly organizes exhibitions in its locale, presenting books from its collections or the work of publishers, magazines and contemporary artists.

New: Navig'Art is now accessible to the public: a documentary collection of 190,000 works of Modern and contemporary art in the public collections.

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