Musées de Strasbourg
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Vertige de la cathédrale

[Museum Œuvre Notre-Dame]

Sundays and Saturdays from 2.15 pm to 6 pm. Digital room


- Immersive tour

Use the virtual-reality headset to see Strasbourg Cathedral like you’ve never seen it before!

Get on board for a unique audiovisual experience and find yourself travelling in unexpected



Not for use by children under 13



- The touch table

The touch table uses outstanding 3-D quality to take you on an interactive tour round a

model of the Cathedral.

Go back in time, change the environment and explore lesser-known features…

Switch between periods to trace the 400 years of the Cathedral’s construction

1015 to 1180 from the foundations to the Romanesque cathedral

1180 to 1230 from the Romanesque to the Gothic cathedral

1230 to 1275 construction of the Gothic nave

1275 to 1371 construction of the western section

1371 to 1439 construction of the tower



Ce projet a été développé par les sociétés Holo3, Seppia Interactive et Inventive Studio avec le soutien de la Ville et de l’Eurométropole de Strasbourg, la Fondation de l’Œuvre Notre Dame, la Fabrique de la Cathédrale et l’Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg. Projet Tango&Scan.