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Max Klinger - The Theatre of the Bizarre

[Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art]
Illustration de Max Klinger - The Theatre of the Bizarre

Painter, sculptor and engraver, Max Klinger (Leipzig 1857-Grossjena, 1920) is primarily known for his astonishing etchings which influenced Käthe, Kollwitz, Munch and Kubin in their time. The oneiric dimension and evocative imagination he gives to his work provoke an extraordinary meeting of the minds between dream and reality that later influenced the Surrealists (their influence on Max Ernst's collages is obvious), Klee or De Chirico who would devote a text to the artist. Renowned lover of music, Klinger gave his series, numbering fourteen, the generic title of "Opus" followedby a number, as a direct reference to musical compositions. The Museums of the city of Strasbourg had already acquired six Opus during the artist's lifetime. This older collection, exceptional of its kind for the French public, has been considerably enriched over the last years thanks to the generosity of AMACS (friends of the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg). Five Opuses have thus been added to complete this ensemble, for a Total of eleven suites housed in the Graphic Arts room, representing nearly 200 pieces. This is the first time either a book or an exhibition has been devoted to Klinger in France, whereas he is quite renowned in Anglo-Saxon countries and Germany. Thus this fascinating and innovative selection of his works on display at MAMCS is an opportunity for the public to discover one of the most interesting artists of his era as well as an exceptional engraver. After monographs treating E. L. Kirchner and E. W. Nay at the Graphic Arts Room, followed by the exhibition "Utopia and Revolt. German Engraving from Jugendstil to Bauhaus" MAMCS is following up a coherent policy of presenting German modern art while highlighting the richness of its collections. A significant catalog accompanies the exhibition.